Up, Down and Climb of Jay Nova

Have you ever had to start something all over again? Maybe you had to rewrite an entire essay. I know first hand with this article. I remade this article three times before this one.Or maybe you wanted to remodel a room in your house, halfway through you realized it’s not what you wanted. Let’s raise the stakes up a bit. Have you ever rethought your career goals? If you said yes to any of these, Then you’ll understand this story.

This is a short story about a guy who had to start from square one again. He was rising, when an unexpected turn made him rethink his plans. He’s rebuilding slowly, but stronger. His name is Jay Nova. I was intrigued by his story because of his passion of not giving up. Jay has been a great friend of mine for years now. As life happens, you tend to branch off and do different things. It was great to hear what he’s been doing to accomplish his goals.

Two years ago Jay was signed with a local record label in Providence, Rhode Island. Before he knew it, he was in the music studio producing new content. The label had him quickly up on stage performing and creating a small buzz. Work was non-stop and things were good. He was working with different directors, promoters, models and dancers. Jay took advantage of getting to know some of the people he was working with and keeping in touch.

Unexpectedly, his manager said that the record label were going to be moving their production down to Atlanta, Georgia. There was more opportunities for collaborations, an other entertainment industry personnel. He was more than welcome to relocate down south with them. Unfortunately, he couldn’t just pick up and go. Jay had his young family in Providence. A move like that would really shake up the bond that he has with his family. When you’re starting up, you have limited resources to work with. A tough decision like that is not easy to make. He decided to stay at home.

So back to the drawing board he went. Jay started doing covers of different pop songs at the time and tagging his social media followers to it. He would write personal messages and attach professionally taken photos to people who supported his content. He did this to show his audience that he was a step about others when it came to caring about his audience. This got a great response from his community of followers. He wanted to work with as many people as he could at this point. As his numbers grew in followers, he wanted to try something new. So he decided to try and incorporate what he was doing with the high school youth groups in the city as well. His goal in this was to inspire others to reach for their dreams as he was doing with his.

A video director named Alex Gomes of WithGomesProductions.com, saw what Jay was doing with his social media sites. He contacted Jay and told him that he wanted to work with him on a project coming up. Jay happily agreed on taking the part. When he met Alex, he told him about his idea of getting young kids involved in their projects. They both agreed that this was a great way of incorporating the communities in what they were doing. A small film was made with this spirit in mind. The short film is called Dance. They were able to do just that. The film included many local students in the final project. Be sure to look it up if you can.

From that project Jay was able to collaborate with other professionals in the industry. Because he volunteered his time in their branch of entertainment, they were willing to go out of their way and help each other in a natural way. At any given moment he could have different people hitting him about different projects to work on. Jay has gotten to build up his own team on young and innovative young hungry people trying to make a name for their selves.
He has been performing at different live events around Rhode Island. At the time of my interview with Jay, he mentioned he was performing at A newport Art Festival the day before. Lately he has been performing alongside Bryant St. Laurent, another singer with a great voice also on the rise. They’ve been working together to produce a couple of new tracks that they will be dropping soon. So be on the lookout for those.

His music has some flavors that’s worth noting. This is definitely music geared towards the ladies. I’m sorry guys, no guys were popped in the making of this music. In my opinion, it’s worth listening to. Check him out on Soundcloud or Facebook. Follow his content, he will hit thank you for it too. That’s an attribute that many folks don’t have, being humble to thanking the people one on one. It’s his willingness to work with the people who want to inspire and create that’s fascinating to me about Jay. Maybe you will too.

(Alex Gomes and Jay Nova, left to right)


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    I love the whole concept of this!!
    We always appreciate new talent on the rise, especially coming from our “hometown”.

    Great work Manny!!
    Make our little town be recognized 🗣

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